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Meet The Team

Brian and Abby combine their talents to deliver smart financial advice rooted in a thorough knowledge of the economy and the securities and insurance markets, as well as a keen ear for learning who you are as a person and the sometimes differing needs of a couple.

Our clients include:

  • Pre-retired and retired individuals who want their hard-earned money to create an enjoyable life after work ends
  • Women who are committed to taking charge of their financial future.
  • Couples who want to be sure each spouse’s needs are taken care of even if one takes more of a lead in financial planning than the other.
  • Widows and widowers trying to make sense of their situation after losing a life partner.
  • Divorced individuals who are adjusting to a new financial picture
  • Business owners seeking to take care of their families and employees

Some characteristics of our clients are …

Individuals and Couples who:

  • are willing to engage in a reciprocal, honest and transparent relationship with their financial professional
  • understand finance well but don’t want to manage their own money
  • are terrified of making financial mistakes and want to rely on a trusted advisor to help them make decisions
  • get excited about mapping out and taking an active role in designing their financial future

Brian Havermann Financial Consultant


Abby Havermann Financial Consultant


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